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Audio of Weekly Sermons

"Love Your Neighbor In Liberty"

"Love Your Neighbor:  Fulfill the Law"

"Love Your Neighbor 2.0"

"Love Your Neighbor"

"Guest Speaker - Caleb Snook:  Let Us Pray"



"Guest Speaker - Steven Willeford:  When God Calls"


"Trivial Pursuit"



"The Game of Life"

"Vision of Influence"

"Prioritize What God Prioritizes"

"Oversee Your Vision Personally"

"Vision Requires Action"

"Incorporating the Vision"

"Secure Your Vision"

"Leaders Discern Danger (Part1) - (Part2)"

"Leaders Sacrifice for Others"

"Please Your Father (Part1) - (Part2)"

"Welcome Home! (Part 1) - (Part 2)"

"Arise, Conquerors!"

"Mulch is a lot like love"

"Special Kid's Devotional:  Central Perry News Show"

"Journey Along the Juniata:  The 'Blue' Juniata"

"Journey Along the Juniata:  Big Trees"

"Journey Along the Juniata:  The Juniata Canal"

"Sermon on the Shade Mount #5:  Mountain Laurel"

"Sermon on the Shade Mount #4:  Smokey the Bear says..."

"Special Kid's Devotional:  Jesus First"

"Sermon on the Shade Mount #3:  The Great Penny Heist"

"Sermon on the Shade Mount #2:  Happy Mother's Day!"

"Sermon on the Shade Mount:  Compassion"

"What will you sacrifice for the Heavenly Father?"

"Jud Jer - Episode 1"


"Preaching through Perry County #7:  Little Buffalo"

"Preaching through Perry County #6:  Wagner Community Park"

"Preaching through Perry County #5:  What does Job teach us about asking God questions?"

"Special Kid's Devotional:  Lawless Larry Learns Repentance"

"Preaching through Perry County #4:  Protection & Restoration"

"Preaching through Perry County #3:  Only One Way"

"Preaching through Perry County #2:  Tall, Tall Trees"

"Special Kid's Devotional: The House on the Rock!"

"Preaching through Perry County #1:  Huckleberries and churches!"

"Where is Your Focus?"

"Don't be a Fool, Be Full!"

"The Good Shepherd"

"Special Kid's Devotional: What's it mean to be a Prince or Princess of God?"

"Can I Afford to Be Generous?"

"Easter Message:  Happy Easter, He Is Risen!"

"Good Friday Service:  The Power of Silence on Good Friday"

"Does Jesus Love You?"

"Special Kid's Devotional:  Being Children of God"

"The Grand Reveal!"

"Palm Sunday Message:  Don't Settle for Palm Sunday Christianity"

"Special Kid's Devotional:  God Loves You!"

"Obedience Leads to Blessings"

"Be Ready!"

"Consider the Lillies"

"Praise God!"

"Fill Your Joy"

"Love God & Love People"

"Help My Unbelief"

"Fear God, Follow the Instructions"

"Be Still, He is God!"

"20/20 Vision:  Right the Wrongs Inside the Wall"

"20/20 Vision:  Stand Courageous"

"20/20 Vision:  Everyone Has a Job to Do"

"20/20 Vision:  Take Your Vision to the People"

"20/20 Vision:  Cast Your Vision"

"20/20 Vision:  Pray Like Nehemiah"

"20/20 Vision:  Address What Needs Fixin'!"

"Revealing God's Work:  Perseverance Requires Prayer"

"Revealing God's Work:  Live Out Your Faith (Part 2)"

"Revealing God's Work:  Live Out Your Faith"

"Revealing God's Work:  Stand Firm in the Shaking World"

"Revealing God's Work:  Go to Mount Zion"

"Humble Yourself Like Mary"

"God's Character Is a Gift"

"God's Gift to Mary"

"Guest Speaker - Hayden Eubanks:  Following God"

"Guest Speaker - J.F Oliver Jean Marie:  Is God Your Refuge"

"Revealing God's Work:  Run Your Race Decisively"

"Revealing God's Work:  Faith in God's Hands"

"Revealing God's Work:  Run to Win"

"Revealing God's Work:  Look to the Past to Define Your Future"

"Revealing God's Work:  Faith Overcomes Fear"

"Guest Speaker - Chris Wells (The Bass Chaplain)"

"Revealing God's Work:  True Faith Gets Tested"

"Revealing God's Work:  Faith Doesn't Need an Earthly Reward"

"Revealing God's Work:  Please God through Faith"

"Revealing God's Work:  Don't Trample the Son of God"

"Revealing God's Work:  Enter the Holy of Holies"

"Revealing God's Work:  Give God What He Wants"

"Revealing God's Work:  Eagerly Wait for Jesus' Return"

"Revealing God's Work:  The Covenant is Confirmed"

"Revealing God's Work:  Choose Salvation Over the Symbol"

"Revealing God's Work:  Furnishings Determine Service"

"Revealing God's Work:  Don't Settle for Stale Donuts"

"Revealing God's Work:  You Need a Priest"

"Join the Good News Posse"

"Revealing God's Work:  Hope in the Eternal"

"Revealing God's Work:  Taste the Heavenly Gift"

"Revealing God's Work:  Big Boy Coffee"

"Guest Speaker - Vincent Morgan:  Father's Day"

"Revealing God's Work:  Legitimize Jesus as the High Priest"

"Revealing God's Work:  Jesus is the High Priest"

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