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Audio of Weekly Sermons

"Sermon on the Shade Mount #5:  Mountain Laurel"

"Sermon on the Shade Mount #4:  Smokey the Bear says..."

"Special Kid's Devotional:  Jesus First"

"Sermon on the Shade Mount #3:  The Great Penny Heist"

"Sermon on the Shade Mount #2:  Happy Mother's Day!"

"Sermon on the Shade Mount:  Compassion"

"What will you sacrifice for the Heavenly Father?"

"Jud Jer - Episode 1"


"Preaching through Perry County #7:  Little Buffalo"

"Preaching through Perry County #6:  Wagner Community Park"

"Preaching through Perry County #5:  What does Job teach us about asking God questions?"

"Special Kid's Devotional:  Lawless Larry Learns Repentance"

"Preaching through Perry County #4:  Protection & Restoration"

"Preaching through Perry County #3:  Only One Way"

"Preaching through Perry County #2:  Tall, Tall Trees"

"Special Kid's Devotional: The House on the Rock!"

"Preaching through Perry County #1:  Huckleberries and churches!"

"Where is Your Focus?"

"Don't be a Fool, Be Full!"

"The Good Shepherd"

"Special Kid's Devotional: What's it mean to be a Prince or Princess of God?"

"Can I Afford to Be Generous?"

"Easter Message:  Happy Easter, He Is Risen!"

"Good Friday Service:  The Power of Silence on Good Friday"

"Does Jesus Love You?"

"Special Kid's Devotional:  Being Children of God"

"The Grand Reveal!"

"Palm Sunday Message:  Don't Settle for Palm Sunday Christianity"

"Special Kid's Devotional:  God Loves You!"

"Obedience Leads to Blessings"

"Be Ready!"

"Consider the Lillies"

"Praise God!"

"Fill Your Joy"

"Love God & Love People"

"Help My Unbelief"

"Fear God, Follow the Instructions"

"Be Still, He is God!"

"20/20 Vision:  Right the Wrongs Inside the Wall"

"20/20 Vision:  Stand Courageous"

"20/20 Vision:  Everyone Has a Job to Do"

"20/20 Vision:  Take Your Vision to the People"

"20/20 Vision:  Cast Your Vision"

"20/20 Vision:  Pray Like Nehemiah"

"20/20 Vision:  Address What Needs Fixin'!"

"Revealing God's Work:  Perseverance Requires Prayer"

"Revealing God's Work:  Live Out Your Faith (Part 2)"

"Revealing God's Work:  Live Out Your Faith"

"Revealing God's Work:  Stand Firm in the Shaking World"

"Revealing God's Work:  Go to Mount Zion"

"Humble Yourself Like Mary"

"God's Character Is a Gift"

"God's Gift to Mary"

"Guest Speaker - Hayden Eubanks:  Following God"

"Guest Speaker - J.F Oliver Jean Marie:  Is God Your Refuge"

"Revealing God's Work:  Run Your Race Decisively"

"Revealing God's Work:  Faith in God's Hands"

"Revealing God's Work:  Run to Win"

"Revealing God's Work:  Look to the Past to Define Your Future"

"Revealing God's Work:  Faith Overcomes Fear"

"Guest Speaker - Chris Wells (The Bass Chaplain)"

"Revealing God's Work:  True Faith Gets Tested"

"Revealing God's Work:  Faith Doesn't Need an Earthly Reward"

"Revealing God's Work:  Please God through Faith"

"Revealing God's Work:  Don't Trample the Son of God"

"Revealing God's Work:  Enter the Holy of Holies"

"Revealing God's Work:  Give God What He Wants"

"Revealing God's Work:  Eagerly Wait for Jesus' Return"

"Revealing God's Work:  The Covenant is Confirmed"

"Revealing God's Work:  Choose Salvation Over the Symbol"

"Revealing God's Work:  Furnishings Determine Service"

"Revealing God's Work:  Don't Settle for Stale Donuts"

"Revealing God's Work:  You Need a Priest"

"Join the Good News Posse"

"Revealing God's Work:  Hope in the Eternal"

"Revealing God's Work:  Taste the Heavenly Gift"

"Revealing God's Work:  Big Boy Coffee"

"Guest Speaker - Vincent Morgan:  Father's Day"

"Revealing God's Work:  Legitimize Jesus as the High Priest"

"Revealing God's Work:  Jesus is the High Priest"

"Revealing God's Work:  Enter His Rest"

"Guest Speaker - Caleb Snook: The Calling of Isaiah"

"Revealing God's Work:  Believe Until the Last Drop"

"Revealing God's Work:  Moving into the Jesus' House"

"Revealing God's Work:  Bringing People Together"

"Revealing God's Work:  Do You Believe?"

"Revealing God's Work:  Humble a Latte"

"Revealing God's Work:  Give God Your Full Attention"

"Revealing God's Work:  Jesus, Take the Throne"

"Revealing God's Work:  Preparing the World for Jesus"

"Hometown Hero:  Longing for the Real Home"

"Hometown Hero:  Spiritual Authority Confirmed"

"Hometown Hero:  Hometown Zero"

"Hometown Hero:  Finding Early Favor"

"Strategic Ministry:  Love"

"Strategic Ministry:  Faith Based"

"Strategic Ministry:  Prayerful"

"Strategic Ministry:  Accountability"

"Strategic Ministry:  Rely on God"

"Strategic Ministry:  Discipline Yourself Daily"

"4 Perfect Christmas Gifts: Give Jesus What He Wants"

"4 Perfect Christmas Gifts: Hear the Good News"

"4 Perfect Christmas Gifts: Cherish the Lamb"

"4 Perfect Christmas Gifts: Enjoy Your Christmas Meal"

"4 Perfect Christmas Gifts: See the Christmas Light"

"CROSSroads:  The New Covenant"

"CROSSroads:  Justification"

"CROSSroads:  Salvation on a Stick"

"CROSSroads:  Jesus in Creation"

"Guest Speaker - Edwin Barton:  Abide in Jesus"

"Don't Build the Church"

"Guest Speaker - Frank Vivier:  Why is Jesus Worthy?"

"Ask, Seek & Knock:  Do or Do Not, There is No Try"

"Ask, Seek & Knock:  Knock, So the Door Can Be Opened"

"Ask, Seek & Knock:  Seek, So You Can Find"

"Ask, Seek & Knock:  Ask, So You Can Receive"

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