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Audio of Weekly Sermons

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  3 Questions You Must Answer About Jesus"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  Base Your Faith on Your Knowledge of God" (due to technical issues, this is only a partial recording of the sermon)

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  Pace Yourself to God's Timing"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  Believe in the Hard Lessons"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  Trust Jesus' Hard Teachings"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  Three Questions to Answer If You Want The Bread From Heaven"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  What Are You Eating?"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  God Has More Than You Need"

"Guest Speaker - Shawn Monyer:  The Authority of Jesus to Forgive"

"Bold Love Conquers Fear"

"Children's Christmas Program"

"Know the Truth of Christmas with Certainty"

"Guest Speaker - Pastor Robert Meyer:  The Greatest Gift"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  Praise God with a Thankful Heart"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  Believe the Three Witnesses"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  Believe in Everlasting Life"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  How to Honor the Sabbath?"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  Believe Without the Signs"

"Growing a Healthy Ministry:  Offer HOPE to the Unlovely"

"Back to School:  Mathematics Class"

"Back to School:  Social Studies"

"Back to School:  World History"

"Back to School:  Health Class"

"Back to School:  Study of Life"

"Back to School:  Building Trades"

"Back to School:  Personal Finance"

"Guest Speaker - Craig Betts:  Who We Were and Who We Are"

"Back to School:  Home Ec."

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Rely on God's Word"

"Guest Speaker - Harry Chatburn:  Lord, Where Are You?"

"Help Keep the Kingdom"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  What Do You Gain from God's Law"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Count On God to be Your Advocate"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  The Lord Hears Your Cries"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Rely on God's Righteousness"

"Larry Nygren shares a few words of praise and thanks..."

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Position Yourself to Grow"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  How Much are God's Commands Worth?"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Righteousness vs. Wickedness"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Take Your Lamp with You"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  What Difference Does God's Law Make?"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Draw Strength from the Vastness of God"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Trust God When You're at 'The End'"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Bring Joy to the Godly"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Learn from the Master"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  No Excuses, Follow God's Laws"

"Guest Speaker - Dan Jones:  The Right Sight"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Jesus is Your Resurrected Messiah"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Find Comfort in Scripture"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Utilize God's Law Daily"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Set Your Eyes on Real Value"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Live in the Way of Truth"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Meditate on God's Law in Trials"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Cleanse Your Ways"

"Meditate on God's Excellence:  Love the Law of the Lord"

"Is Your Worship Worthy of a Worthy God?:  Prepare for the Day of Judgment"

"Is Your Worship Worthy of a Worthy God?:  Fear God and He Will Hear You"

"Is Your Worship Worthy of a Worthy God?:  Test God and See..."

"Is Your Worship Worthy of a Worthy God?:  Return to God by Putting Him First"

"Guest Speaker - Pastor Jeff Dunkle:  Winning Attitudes"

"Is Your Worship Worthy of a Worthy God?:  God Warns of Judgement"

"Is Your Worship Worthy of a Worthy God?:  Honor Your Marriage Covenant"

"2022 Children's Christmas Program"

"2022 Christmas Choir"

"What's in a Name?:  Call Jesus Emmanuel"

"What's in a Name?:  What Can You Call Jesus?"

"Is Your Worship Worthy of a Worthy God?:  Show No Partiality in the Law"

"Guest Speaker - Craig Betts:  How to Pray for the Church"

"Is Your Worship Worthy of a Worthy God?:  Give Glory to God's Name"

"Is Your Worship Worthy of a Worthy God?:  God is the Great King"

"Is Your Worship Worthy of a Worthy God?:  Where is God's Honor?"

"Is Your Worship Worthy of a Worthy God?:  Apply God's Word... To Your Life!"

"Is Jesus the Son of God?:  Listen to the Testimony of Jesus' Guards"

"Central Baptist Church - 50th Celebration Service" - Enter Passcode: Z^wX2b&J

"Is Jesus the Son of God?:  Jesus Identified a God's Son"

"Is Jesus the Son of God?:  Believe Jesus is the Son of God"

"Coming Off the Mountain:  Follow Jesus Into the Storm"

"Coming Off the Mountain:  Follow Jesus as Your Top Priority"

"Coming Off the Mountain:  Accept Proof of the Messiah"

"Coming Off the Mountain:  Sit Down with Abraham"

"Sermon on the Mount:  Coming Off the Mountain"

"Sermon on the Mount:  Apply Jesus' Teaching to YOUR LIFE..."

"Sermon on the Mount:  Take the Gate"

"Sermon on the Mount:  Created for God's Purpose"

"Don't Be Deterred by a Hypocrite"

"Yank the Plank"

"Don't Worry"

"Guest Speaker - Pastor Robert Meyer:  An Issue of Blood"

"Guest Speaker - Ron Markloff:  What are you looking at?"

"Guest Speaker - Paul Beech:  Change - Metamorphosis"

"Level Up:  Forgive & Fast"

"Level Up:  Pray to the Father (Part 2)"

"Guest Speaker - Caleb Snook:  Returning to Worship"

"Level Up:  Pray to the Father"

"Level Up:  Pray the Right Way"

"Level Up:  Be Humble, Do Good"

"Level Up:  Love Your Enemies"

"Level Up:  Offer Extra"

"Level Up:  Believe and Worship"

"Level Up: Fulfill Your Commitments"

"Level Up: Prioritize Spiritual Life over Pleasure"

"Level Up:  Love God by Loving People"

"Growing to the Next Level:  Embrace the Law"

"Sermon on the Mount:  Let Your Light Shine"

"Jesus' Early Ministry:  Live Your Blest Life (Part 3)"

"Jesus' Early Ministry:  Live Your Blest Life (Part 2)"

"Jesus' Early Ministry:  Live Your Blest Life!"

"Jesus' Early Ministry:  Jesus' Popularity Grows"

"Jesus' Early Ministry:  Jesus Assembles the Team"

"Jesus' Early Ministry:  Jesus Begins to Preach"

"Hayden Eubanks:  Call To Missions"

"Jesus' First Year in Ministry:  Overcoming Temptation"

"Jesus' First Year in Ministry:  Fulfill All Righteousness"

"Christmas Impossible:  Prophesying Birth, Exile and Growing Up"

"Christmas Eve Devotional:  Simeon, A Faithful Servant"

"Christmas Impossible:  A Star Proclaiming a King"

"Christmas Impossible:  The Virgin Conceived"

"Guest Speaker - Edwin Barton:  Humble Shepherds"

"Guest Speaker - Pastor Robert Meyer:  Thanksgiving"

"Grow Up in the Faith"

"Lead by Example"

"Suffering to Glorify God"

"Allowing Love to Direct Your Relationships"

"Christ's Suffering Matters"

"Christ Suffered for Us"

"Guest Speaker - Bob Givens:  Facing Persecution"

"Call to Good Works:  Accept God's Will"

"Call to Good Works:  Be Unified in Doing Good"

"Call to Good Works:  Submit to Suffering"

"Identity Crisis:  Call to Good Works"

"A Call to Holiness:  Love Leads to Holiness"

"A Call to Holiness:  The Cost of Holiness"

"A Call to Holiness:  Holy, Holy, Holy"

"Look for the Lost:  The Prodigal Problem"

"Look for the Lost:  The Lost Coin"

"Look for the Lost:  Help Your Shepherd"

"Preparing the Way:  Claim Your Name"

"Preparing the Way:  Fulfill All Righteousness"

"Preparing the Way:  Prepare for the Mighty One"

"Preparing the Way:  Let Your Life Do the Talking"

"Preparing the Way:  Share God's Salvation"

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