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Audio of Weekly Sermons

"4 Perfect Christmas Gifts: See the Christmas Light"

"CROSSroads:  The New Covenant"

"CROSSroads:  Justification"

"CROSSroads:  Salvation on a Stick"

"CROSSroads:  Jesus in Creation"

"Guest Speaker - Edwin Barton:  Abide in Jesus"

"Don't Build the Church"

"Guest Speaker - Frank Vivier:  Why is Jesus Worthy?"

"Ask, Seek & Knock:  Do or Do Not, There is No Try"

"Ask, Seek & Knock:  Knock, So the Door Can Be Opened"

"Ask, Seek & Knock:  Seek, So You Can Find"

"Ask, Seek & Knock:  Ask, So You Can Receive"

"Acts of God:  Leave When the Spirit Leads"

"Acts of God:  Follow the Spirit's Leading"

"Guest Speaker - Steph Lowery:  AIM (Africa Inland Mission) Update"

"Acts of God:  The Holy Spirit Values People"

"Guest Speaker - Steve Baker:  Undercover Boss"

"An Act of God:  God's Work in Saul's Conversion"

"An Act of God:  Follow Jesus"

"Lessons from Camp Moose on the Loose - Follow Jesus"

"An Act of God:  Dealing with Sinners"

"An Act of God:  Stand in the Storm"

"An Act of God:  Do Not Fight God"

"An Act of God:  Do Not Test the Holy Spirit"

"An Act of God:  Testify Through Obedience"

"An Act of God:  Live Like the Church"

"An Act of God:  Let the Power of the Holy Spirit Testify"

"An Act of God:  The Coming of the Holy Spirit"

"Salvation Through Childbearing"

"Jesus is Alive -- Now What?:  Rediscover Your Purpose (Billy Sanderson)"

"Jesus is Alive -- Now What?:  Jesus Meets You Where You Are"

"The Finicky Hearts of Man:  Believe He is Risen!"

"The Finicky Hearts of Man:  TheTriumphalEntry"

"The Finicky Hearts of Man:  The Plot to Kill Jesus"

"Dare to be a Daniel:  Be Content and Wait on the Lord"

"Dare to be a Daniel:  Embrace the End"

"Dare to be a Daniel:  Engage Spiritual Warfare with Prayer"

"Dare to be a Daniel:  Take Your Requests to God"

"Dare to be a Daniel:  Seek the Lord like Daniel"

"Dare to be a Daniel:  God is Unchanging in a Changing World"

"Dare to be a Daniel:  Living Out the Consequences of Your Convictions"

"Dare to be a Daniel:  Speak Humbly to Arrogance"

"Dare to be a Daniel:  Sharing the Negative Truth"

"Daring to Live Like Daniel:  Lead Others to God's Wisdom"

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